Educational Programming ​

We strive to address the needs of the whole child – beyond  the academics – building the child’s positive self-image to facilitate growth and development.

Timeless Values​

We use the Torah and our Sages as the blueprint upon which our educational programming is based. 

Academic Excellence​

Our Limudei Kodesh focuses on the precepts of the Torah and not only fosters the intellect but develops Yiras Shamayim and Ahavas Yisroel.

Strong Foundations

Intensive skill building in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies lays a strong basis for higher-order learning levels. 

We Help Each Child Succeed

Differentiated Learning

One size does not fit all. Our differentiated instruction allows for heterogeneity in the classroom. Meeting the diverse needs of all the different types of learners creates a safe and secure learning environment for each student.

Extracurricular Activities

Rosh Chodesh assemblies, guest speakers, Chanukah Chagigos, Purim Carnivals, Motzei Shabbos Girl’s Pajama Parties and after-school clubs are but a few of the extracurricular experiences that we offer our children.

Sensory and Chill Room

Children with social, emotional, or sensory challenges can benefit from our professionally outfitted activity room and chill spa. This outlet allows them to relax and unwind so they can function successfully in the classroom and on the playing field.

Special Needs Services

Politz Yeshiva & Bais Yaakov has an outstanding reputation for its special needs resources. For mild to moderate learning challenges, our children are served by highly qualified and dedicated teachers who employ various techniques and approaches that enable the child to succeed. For a child who requires more self-contained instruction, we have established our highly acclaimed OROT program. Read more about OROT at


OROT at Politz Yeshiva & Bais Yaakov is but one of the programs located in the day schools in Greater Philadelphia. OROT addresses the needs of those children who learn differently than the typical child. Our OROT teachers design personalized programs which address the needs of the whole child. For the child for whom the mainstream class is not a viable option, OROT is the beacon of light paving the way for a Torah education. 

Learning Options Center

Sometimes children need an extra arm of support. At Politz Yeshiva & Bais Yaakov we extend arms of support in all areas of the school experience – academic, social, emotional and spiritual. The Resource Room provides assistance for both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies subjects in all grades.