Immunization Policy

Nothing is more important to us than the health and welfare of our children and families.

It is with this in mind that Politz Yeshiva & Bais Yaakov has adopted the following immunization policy with the guidance of medical professionals and of the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

  • All students must be current with MMR requirements. Written documentation attesting to this fact must be in each child’s file. Our school nurse will verify all current documentation.
  • All new students will not be considered registered unless their immunization record is part of all new student documentation. Without this documentation, the registration process is not complete. This may result in forfeiting your child’s place in our school.

All medical exemptions must be verified by a licensed physician with accompanying documentation verifying the need for a medical exemption. Requests not containing a doctor’s explanation will be automatically denied.


Religious exemptions will not be allowed for any incoming students.


May Hashem grant everyone good health!